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Casobe, Calatagan South Beach

Your Unequaled Living and Adventure Starts at Harbour Estate

The Harbour Estate is a ResiComm (Residential-commercial) development within CaSoBē that is perfectly seated in the tropical coast of Calatagan, Batangas that houses a roster of amenities that makes living a splendor.

Landco Beachtown in beautiful, historic Calatagan is inviting big business investors who see the infinite possibilities of an integrated resort community and entrepreneurs who are dreaming the dream, to find that second home in a beachfront community.

Harbour Estates at Calatagan South Beach

Calatagan South Beach (CaSoBē) offers investors the opportunity to build commercial establishments or live inside a beach resort with the convenience of hotel amenities, facilities and services. Envisioned to attract tourists, beach enthusiasts, beach home buyers, businessmen, and travelers, CaSoBe will surely make you realize Life as it should be!

Casobe - Calatagan South Beach

Harbour Estate  offers lots for sale within CaSoBe. For the leisure investor, apart from making a sound real estate investment, it also establishes one stature given that it’s more than owning a beach property, it’s owning a beach property in a thriving resort setting. Property owners can put up a beach house and add pocket businesses catering to the tourist traffic such as coffee shops and retail outlets. But for those wanting to make a go at resorts investments commercially, like hoteliers, then CaSoBe is the ideal place to start this endeavor. Apart from 24/7 security, the estate will also be provided with support services covering both residential and commercial needs of its property owners.



  • Lots for sale for commercial or residential purposes, or both
  • Hotel services to CaSoBē lot owners (“home service”)
  • Pedestrian and bicycle friendly community
  • Hosts to commercial establishments like restaurants, bars, retail shops, bed and breakfast, resort attractions and facilities, condos, hotels, service-oriented uses and general merchandise stores.
  • It will be governed by a Declaration of Restrictions, Covenants and Conditions.
Harbour Estates at CaSoBe

Within Calatagan South Beach, special attractions and amenities are already operational or soon to be operational to serve the residents and the tourist market.

Existing and Future Attractions:

  • Hotels / Condotels
  • Aquaria Water Park
  • Crusoe Cabins (accommodation)
  • Cocoons (accommodation)
  • Colony (co-working space)
  • Canopy (event’s venue)
  • The Boardwalk • Lighthouse
  • The Isle (Multi-Purpose Venue on water)
  • Harbour Walk
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Retail Shops
  • Harbour Estates (Resi-Com Lots)
  • Beach Activities
  • Tie-ups (golf, wakeboarding, tour)
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • 24/7 Security and CCTV
  • Lifeguards
  • Clinic
  • Customer Service
  • Toilets and Bath / Changing Rooms


  • Land Area:  15 hectares
  • Lot Sizes:  356 to 1,877sqm
  • No. of Lots:  94 lots
  • Package Price:  starts at Php17Mn
  • Reservation Fee: Php200,000
  • Monthly D/P:  starts at Php110,000 for 36 months
  • LTS No.:  202

Harbour Estates at CaSoBe

Retail Row

The Retail Row is every resident’s access to all retail and commercial accommodations, perfectly bringing leisure and necessity together.

Harbour Walk

All of Harbour Estates’ amenities are in close proximity and are connected by the Harbour Walk making excitement truly a walk away from our home.

Activity Block

Engage in premium activities and amenities in the Activity Block where you can celebrate simple and grand moments of life in paradise.

Proximity of Lots to the Beach

Harbour Estates

Approximate distance of selected lots to the beach (in meters).

Casobe Proximity to the beach

Take a peek inside this master-planned leisure tourism estate in Calatagan Batangas, a development that provides property seekers and investors the opportunity to own a land in a beachside environment open to the tourist market.

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