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CaSoBe (Calatagan South Beach) FAQ

  • What is the use of my property at CaSoBe?

    The classification of your property is commercial. As such, as a lot owner, you have three (3) options on the use of your property: (a) purely commercial; (b) purely residential; or (c) hybrid of commercial and residential.

  • What types of businesses/facilities are permitted on my property?

    The following types of businesses/facilities are permitted at Calatagan South Beach:

    • Accommodation Establishment
    • Residential House
    • Residential-Commercial Building (mixed-use)
    • Condominium Building
    • Branded Residence
    • Retail Shop
    • Bar, Bistro, Restaurant, Food and Beverage Outlet
    • Convenience Store
    • Coffee Shop and Pastry Shop
    • Fast Food Chains
    • Spa and Wellness
    • Resort
    • Training, Conference Facilities, Multi-purpose Venue

    • Office
    • Wellness Center / Clinic
    • School
    • Sports and Recreational Facility

    • Dormitory
    • Museum
    • Showroom and Sales Gallery
    • Public Parking Area
    • Amusement Establishment (except gambling), Cyber
    Café or Internet Café

  • What types of businesses/facilities are not permitted on my property?

    The following types of businesses/facilities are NOT permitted at Calatagan South Beach:

    • Industrial plant, factories, machine shops that produce disturbing noises and noxious odors
    • Funeral parlors, crematorium, morgue and memorial services
    • Mental hospitals, mental sanitaria
    • Storage/warehouse
    • Hardware
    • Lumberyard
    • Junkshop
    • Jails/prisons/reformatories/any other establishment where personal liberties of inmates are similarly
    • Gasoline station
    • Any form of gambling establishment (including on-line gaming)
    • Zoo

    • Billboard Site
    • Churches of Place of Worship
    • Any structure that will be used for: mining; agriculture/farm use; establishments affiliated with lewd and
    immoral acts, not limiting to nudity, drugs, gambling, prostitution, and the like; establishments that use hazardous items that pose a threat to security, health and to the environment; and any establishment of illegal business.
    • Communication towers or other structures whose sole purpose is for the mounting of communications equipment shall not be constructed on any part of the property.
    • No nuisance shall be permitted to exist or operate upon any Lot or in any Building so as to be offensive or detrimental to any adjacent Lots or Buildings or their occupants, or to the entire Calatagan South Beach and nearby neighbors, and to the environment as well.
    • Overhead tanks and elevated tanks shall not be allowed.
    • For other uses and prohibited uses not listed above, a prior written approval is required from the Declarant or Estate Association.

  • Can I lease or rent-out my property to other people?

    Yes. CaSoBē is envisioned as a master planned Leisure Tourism Estate (LTE) with commercial component and open to the general public. Though open to the general public, the project shall be a gated community with 24/7 security and CCTV located on strategic areas.

  • Is there a building architectural theme that I need to comply?

    CaSoBē shall not impose a specific architectural theme but all improvements, alterations, redevelopment, extensions, or expansions shall be consistent with the Leisure Tourism Estate concept of CaSoBē.
    All lot owners are encouraged to adhere to the sustainable development of CaSoBē and apply accreditation to various organizations that promote sustainable development (e.g. LEED Certification, BERDE Certification, WELL Certification).

  • Are there any restrictions on height of the buildings at CaSoBe?

    There are no height limitations subject to the approval of the Developer, or the Estate Association, relevant permits are secured (e.g. permit from the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines), and proper engineering design has been diligently done and incorporated in the plans (e.g. bored piles). Generally, the average building height is 4 storeys. Each lot owner shall be restricted to the maximum Gross Floor Area (GFA) allowed to the lot which is shown in the Lot Information Plan (LIP).

  • Are there any restrictions on the type of material finishes to be used?

    Buildings and other improvements must be constructed on first class, durable, permanent architectural materials, environmentally friendly materials consistent with the over-all Leisure Tourism Estate concept. Buildings must not transmit heat to other buildings and must not use fire prone building materials.

  • Can I construct a fence around my property?

    If the property has a commercial component, constructing a fence that directly face a road is not allowed. Perimeter fence are only allowed on the side where it does not directly face the road. If the property shall be used exclusively for residential purposes, a fence directly facing the road is allowed as long as the fence is constructed at least 2 meters setback from the property line to allow landscaping and the total height shall not be more than be 1.20 meters using 0.60 meters masonry wall and 0.60 meters see-through fence.

  • Is there a minimum building cost I need to comply?

    The cost of building shall be greater than the gross original selling price of the lot (inclusive of taxes, if any and exclusive of discounts given, if any). This provision shall be reviewed on a periodic basis.

  • When do I become a member of the Estate Association of CaSoBē?

    Once CaSoBē has already established the Estate Association, you shall automatically become a member of the Estate Association regardless of payment status and shall pay the Estate Association Dues.

  • How much is the estimated Estate Association Dues at Calatagan South Beach?

    The estimated Estate Association Dues per square meter per month is around Php18/sqm (upon full operations). The final dues shall be determined once the Estate Association has been established and shall be reviewed periodically and adjusted accordingly. However, during the interim operations or initial phase of the Estate Association, the estimated Estate Association Dues per square meter per month is around Php10/sqm.

  • When can I start constructing my building?

    Once the land development of CaSoBē is completed, you can commence construction of your building after full payment of the Total Contract Price (TCP) and execution of the Deed of Absolute Sale to the Developer, including payment of other fees necessary to transfer the registration of title. Construction of the building should also start within five (5) years from full payment of the TCP.
    The proposed Construction Guarantee Deposit is 5.0% of the construction cost of the building.

  • Any other important items I need to consider in developing my building plan at Calatagan South Beach?

    Among others, there are setbacks to follow depending on the type of lot. Each lot shall also allocate parking slots within the property boundaries. Likewise, each lot, depending on the type of building or business, shall provide bicycles and allocate bicycle stands to its guests to promote wellness and sustainability of the community.

  • Is there a document for me refer to in case I have more clarifications?

    Yes. Calatagan South Beach shall be governed by a Declaration of Restrictions, Covenants and Conditions that you can refer to. In any case, there will be an Estate Management Office that will assist all lot owners in their concerns and clarifications on the property management of CaSoBē.

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